Friday, December 29, 2006

I'm in charge!

I’d promised D that she would not have to think about feeding everyone and that I’d try and come up with some inspiration and do the cooking. The recently wheeled LLcT was only too pleased to drive us to Waitrose so I could get inspiration in more familiar surroundings. I was considering duck (the shelves were bare) or beef fillet, maybe that fabulous Gordon Ramsay recipe with the wild mushrooms we did in August but curiously for T, he didn’t fancy it. I persuaded him to accept a stuffed chicken breast with the incentive of wrapping it in his beloved Parma ham. T isn’t crazy about chicken, I’m not entirely sure why he agreed. I think he just wanted me to hurry up, buy some food and let him get back behind the wheel - chicken or no! And whilst I was in Waitrose, I thought I’d better introduce D to the Cream of Scallop soup that I’d been raving about and grab a few of their canapés as well. There were some intriguing looking mini hamburgers, a British favourites medley and the already favourite Bigham’s mini beef Wellingtons.
As I was in charge for the night, I could pick all my favourites so I stuffed the chicken with gently sautéed leeks and some mature Cheddar. The plump breasts were wrapped in Serano ham (They only had the merest slivers of Parma) and then wrapped in foil because they were seriously in danger of spilling their ample content all over the oven. And of course, with all the choices of potato accompaniment I happened to stumble across mash potato - for a change. I know D prefers peeling the potatoes first but I thought that’s why ricers were invented. Last time D tried ricing unpeeled cooked potatoes they caused her undue stress and mess by their efforts to cling onto their jackets. But today the potato was behaving well.
The scallop soup with Parma ham trimming crisps (all I could prise out of the deli counter) and trio of mini beef Wellingtons seemed to go down well though the male contingent felt it was odd to drink it out of a cup and demanded spoons!
T didn’t mention the dreaded chicken but rather unexpectedly announced a distaste of mash potatoes. Well, this is a new one on me but fortunately he managed to force it down! How does D manage to satisfy the ravenous hoards each night? I guess that’s why pizza was invented!

Update: I've since tried making my own mini beef Wellingtons and they went down very well!


Pamela said...

Mmm, messy maybe but deliscious all the same!!

Jose Maria said...

Might want to try using spanish iberico de bellota ham instead of the Serrano... mmm... lots of saliva !!