Thursday, December 28, 2006

Fortification for travelling

It’s time to pack my unfeasibly large shiny black case and hit the trains again. I’m Cambridge bound for New Year but British Rail don’t feel it necessary to make the journey from Manchester to Cambridge easy so I’m actually heading for Peterborough and D and MC are going to collect me from there. Last year I made the same journey and as we drew into Peterborough station there was some issue and they kept us mysteriously lingering within touching distance of the platform for an hour. Not too bad for me as I was just stuck on a train but D and MC had to stand on a crowded platform in the freezing cold (and it’d been snowing!) I am intending this year to be considerably less troublesome. Though there’s quite a lot of the festive food left lurking in the ridge and cupboards and M is bound to stock me up so if I do get holed up in some snow bogged hole due to freakish British Rail behaviour at least I can feed everyone!
To fortify me for the journey ahead we have more of the delicious soup (in a triagular bowl, why not?) and I whip up a duck breast, mash potatoes and creamed leeks - and then serve them on possibly the large plates ever. The instructions said to pan-fry the duck for 45 minutes, I would prefer mine slightly less crispy but M doesn’t do pink so it looks rather disconsolate next to the lovely vegetables. It was very tasty though. Farewell M!

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