Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Decking the table again

Definitely a case of style over content! Today’s table layout was more attractive that our salmon and broccoli en croute so I’ll talk about that instead. I’ve been particularly taken by my metal snowflakes from M&S. They come with a magnet for easy clean-up which is a great boon as I like scattering the table with interesting themed table confetti but clearing it up can be quite a pain. I’m still finding the odd duck from when I made them for the duck-tacular back in May. And I’m fairly sure I’ve inflicted more than D’s fair share of interesting table titbits. I think she’ll like these ones better.
M&S have had some lovely tableware added to their collection this year, this is more of the M’s new Mikado crockery. The fabulous black beaded placemats, coasters and the fairy lighted Christmas tree are from M&S also. The silver snowflaked napkin rings are from Harvey Nicholls and the other bejewelled Christmas trees are from Lakeland that quiver dramatically as you eat. The table is a plethora of glittery sparkly goodies. Heavenly!

Also we have yummy Brown Brothers orange muscat and flora wine to drink. And there’s Gü for dessert, naturally!


DD said...

Dearest J,

YUM! I love the BB Orange and Flora Muscat! Drank many a bottle of that little drop!

Love, DDx

J said...

Ah my dearest little diva drinker, I would think nothing less of you!