Saturday, June 03, 2006


Well D-Day is here, time to release the ducks!
I think I’ve worked out the menu, but there’s always a chance I’ll have a wild last minute alteration! Ocado have done their part and now I just have to lock myself away in the kitchen and create!
And I have to scatter the black ducks etcetera in an artful manner on the table.
As it transpires - the menu turns out to be exactly as it was originally conceived:

Duck carpaccio and plum salad
Duck, spring onion and hoison sauce
Duck en croute with asparagus and Jersey Royals
Lemon posset
Chocolate and ginger cheesecake à la duck

This was all washed down with a lip-smacking Chambord and Champagne cocktail.

I think it all went very well, I was very pleased with the carpaccio - made with D and I's patented mini rolling pin method! The colour was really good against the plums and green leaves.
The duck tarts made from a base inspired by the recipe in the new Gordon Ramsay book which I thought may be a little too brown were just perfect - well done Gordon, I'll never doubt you again!
I hadn't been able to find a suitable duck cutter for the en croute nee wellington so I went for free-hand and they turned out pretty okay.
I thought the posset was so refreshing and as I couldn't face any cheesecake until the next day, I couldn't report that I am still not crazy about cheesecake until Sunday. I enjoyed picking off the ginger though!

I have a sneaky suspicion that I’ll be finding little black ducks forever! Well never mind – it was a duck of a good do!

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