Monday, June 26, 2006

Life is a bowl of cherries

I have a late appointment at Canary Wharf and pop to Waitrose Food and Home for some food. I am drawn inexplicably to the home wares section and stumble on a rather lovely new line – Sophie Conran’s new range of crockery for Portmeirion. I can hear voices in my head saying that I don’t need any more plates but I ignore them and go for a dinner plate, side plate and bowl. Was has attracted me is that they have pleasing concentric ridges (a very rustic version of the new Gordon Ramsay’s Royal Doulton crockery) but also a slightly misshapen appearance which is very pleasing. I will have to demote something from the crockery cupboard as there really is no room at the inn, but I am sure I can find a small gap. I think the succulent Waitrose cherries look very happy in my new bowl too.

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