Saturday, June 09, 2007

Gone fishing!

We had planned meticulously when to eat and how much to eat but then we ended up shopping and the lure of Fishworks dragged us in. Could we have something rather light before hitting the road towards the Fat Duck?

And it was a great choice; I’ve been meaning to pop into the Fishworks ever since Mitch Tonks opened one locally to me and now we had the perfect excuse. On the blackboard we saw hake with samphire and hollandaise and D and I were instantly sold. MC went for the scallops with some roasted tomatoes and D and I shared a little mash as we thought that would go well with the hollandaise.

They brought us a fabulous collection of breads with extremely garlicky aioli, taramasalata and verdant basil oil in lieu of a starter. This was going to be good!

The hake was perfect, white with chunky flakes, plenty of not too woody samphire and some okay mash to mop up the gorgeous hollandaise. This is definitely a place (plaice?) I’d like to explore further and especially when the main event of our culinary lives is not happening in a few hours. Despite not availing ourselves of their fine menu, that was good fish and the wet fish counter looks very enticing so two forks for the Fishworks, I am sorry we didn’t really do you justice. But next time we do better…

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