Saturday, June 30, 2007

Pure unadulterated potato pleasure!

What should I do if I find myself proud possessor of a small handful of baby waxy potatoes and the remnants of a pot of double cream? The answer: make a little Gratin Dauphinoise. I like to make the version where you cook the ultra thin potato slices in a pan with the cream (and milk if you have some) and then tip the boiling cream and par-boiled potatoes into a ceramic dish, with a little nutmeg and pepper in between the layers for finishing in the oven. I think I got the idea from a Gordon Ramsay recipe and have adopted this speedier method ever since. As much as I love cheese I never put any in my Gratin Dauphinoise, as it doesn't seem quite right.
This version may look like a vat of the unctuous potato heaven but it's actually only an individual ramekin full - honest! I only had a few potatoes this time, unfortunately.
Never mind, what do they say, a little of what you fancy...

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