Friday, June 01, 2007

Update on the M&S gastro range

I mentioned last week how disappointed I was with the, in my mind, the insufficient packaging on M&S's new gastro range. A range that is pricey but the expensive meals are barely contained in plastic boxes that with the minimum of encouragement the top will pop off either spilling the contents into your bag or exposing the ingredients to inquisitive fingers. All in all, not satisfactory at all. They did reply to my email and said they would pass my thoughts to their buying department and my comments will be given "careful consideration".
I haven't even had a chance to taste this range yet as I incorrectly thought I could microwave it. They maybe very nice but I'm not sure they're great value so I'd rather buy my own ingredients and produce similar dishes - then maybe I'll have no packaging at all to worry about. I am still awfully surprised at M&S, but no-one can be perfect every time.

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