Saturday, June 02, 2007

deliciously different salmon

Despite not having the 'finest' experience from M&S's new Gastro range I was happy to try Waitrose's new deliciously different salmon with baby potatoes, green vegetables & a pesto crème fraîche dressing. It is artificial colouring, flavourings and preservative - free and the package kindly informs me that I'm eating one of my five-a-day. I managed to get it from the shop to my microwave without it spilling the contents all over my bag, so I was already up on the deal.
This was a tasty dish, the green beans and courgettes remained just the correct amount of al dente-ness, the new potatoes always a perfect to a mice piece of moist salmon and I've been a huge fan of crème fraîche mixed with pesto since we first spotted it in Olive magazine in August 2006 and used it to excellent effect with the barbecued chicken and 'marmalade' sausages. And it goes very well with salmon also (though I probably would have served a soupçon more!)
This would make a perfect quick microwave summer lunch in the office, it tastes fresh and healthy and possibly a bit more intersting than just a salad.

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