Friday, June 29, 2007

A TGIF night old favourite

This used to be a classic "oh my, what a week that was" Friday night comfort food dish. A handful of pasta cooking in a big pot of salted water, with a egg popped into the same pan. Then the sliced hard boiled eggs and ham are added to a cheesy sauce made the classic way with a roux base. The cooked pasta is added to this sticky, culinary hug style mixture and mingled with the sauce.
And this week has been extremely mad so it seems a good time to resurrect an old classic. I don't make a roux this time though, mainly because I haven't got any milk and a cheese sauce wouldn't really happen without milk. I have a good slug of double cream left though so I make a creamy unctuous sauce with that, a little English mustard and some Microplaned Cheddar. I have no ham but pop some smoky bacon under the grill instead. The whole ensemble is heavily sprinkled with black pepper grindings and enjoyed in front of some not too taxing television. Maybe I should have torn up a few leaves to 'healthy 5-a-day' it up a bit, but somehow it's not right.

It's lighter than I remembered, less glutinous - well that's a mornay sauce for you, but very comforting all the same. I'm hoping for a calmer next week, well I can but dream!

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David Hall said...

My type of food! Uncomplicated and quick after a hard day. This is like a quick carbonara. Not something you want to eat every day mind!

No worries on what I said by the way, I was only having a laugh. The right decision was made. I'm having great fun.

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