Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A cheesy bite

I haven't had the fabulous little treat of a M&S cheese scone for ages; though this isn't surprising but they are rather like gold dust. Most of the times I'm in a M&S food department there's nothing but a few skant cheesy crumbs on the fresh baked shelves and I have to leave empty handed. But to my delight this time I was lucky, the scone fairies had left one lone scone and it was mine!
After dithering over what treatment to apply to my well earned scone I plumped for soft cheese with garlic and chives. And for those porcelainists amongst you (and apparently that is the term for collectors of porcelain, I don't think avid collectors of plates are known as plateologists but that would be nice) this is a MISSONI plate my delicious scone is languishing on.

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