Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I'm back with Bigham's

It's not that I stop loving Bigham's but I didn't enjoy my first taste of a Bigham's chicken pie as it contained the dreaded tomato and ruined it for me. I did complain to Bigham's not because of the tomato inclusion as that is their prerogative and I am aware that others don't share my abhorrence. But my displeasure was due to their own website and the ingredients listed on Ocado, where I bought it from, didn't mention the stealthy evil inclusion so I was lulled into believing it wasn't going to darken my door. And if there's one thing I don't like sneaking up on me is a tomato.
But stumbling across a bargain box "eat today" Bigham's Lavish Chicken & Mushroom pie in Waitrose I checked the ingredients and lo, the tomato is banished, it is no more! They have changed the recipe and the nasty red has been replaced by mushrooms and a creamy sauce instead. In my mind, a huge improvement!
And it was good!

And another point, if you think that a pie with a bit of mash and some lightly dusted with chives Chantenay carrots seems inappropriate for an British Summer and not the sort of food I should be eating during Wimbledon fortnight, I beg you to consider the vagaries of a British Summer. Strawberries would be very nice indeed but something a tad more hearty seems curiously fitting at the moment. Good weather for ducks! Hmmm, duck - that would be a good idea!

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