Sunday, October 29, 2006

Good pie, bad pie!

After really enjoying Bigham’s “Indulgent Beef and Green Peppercorn” pie last week, I ordered the “Sumptuous Chicken and Red Wine” pie in my latest Ocado delivery. It seemed really good as on the Bigham’s website they described the ingredients as “fresh chicken, bacon & mushrooms in a rich red wine sauce with tarragon & Dijon mustard”. Which sounds fabulous, as I really like all those ingredients but imagine my horror when I realise that they hadn’t mentioned the stealth ingredient... tomato passata. Which I only became aware of after I’d cooked the pie. Now I appreciate that the whole world doesn’t feel exactly as I do when it comes to the evilness of tomatoes but why hide this? On the box tomato passata is listed third on the ingredients after chicken and mushrooms. But on the website the ingredients are only shown as chicken, bacon, mushrooms, rich red wine sauce, tarragon and Dijon mustard – no mention of tomatoes at all. I had actually tried to look at the packets in three different Waitrose but they were either out of stock of these pies or didn’t stock them yet but not because I thought they might contain mystery ingredients, I just wanted to check them out . The Ocado site also didn’t mention the inclusion of the dreaded tomato.
I was really disappointed as I was looking forward to a tasty pie and I could only eat the really nice pastry top and a small amount of the filling – and I hate wasting food.
I am not asking for a “Warning - contains tomato!” sign in big, red, bold writing (though it may be a good idea) but just a little transparency.
Some of us just don’t
like the things; please don’t make us eat them!

Postscript: I really feel I should mention that Bigham's have been so lovely about my so-called tomato trauma and deserve so much praise for such exemplary service.

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