Tuesday, October 03, 2006

We have been confited!

We spend the morning arranging loaves of crusty bread and lemons by the pool so we can photograph them. I also spend a lot of time chasing bees (probably rather a dangerous occupation!) to try and capture one on the throes of busyness!

After our first suggested lunch spot being found to be shut for the season or just becuase it's Tuesday - either is possible - K and I headed off into the forest. And with Roger's assistance we were very fortunate to stumble across odd little place with singularly some of the most eclectic decor ever. There was a giant snake skinned hammered to one beam, there was a huge plastic globe that probably lit up but we didn't get to witness to that, there was a head of some deer like creature, random buckets lying around and lashings of huge and garish plastic flowers. And the omnipresent extra strong florescent tube lights to ensure all vestiges of ambience are totally eliminated. A truly bizarre place!

The set menu seemed rather restrictive so I had a little Foie Gras Terrine with masses of strange garnish followed by a nice Steak (again) and a bit of Gratin Dauphinoise (though slightly curdled I have to say – I am sure I could get better at Roger's) and a random extra garnish of a miniature Vol au Vent filled with Spinach. We have some nice Cheese and a rather curious Raspberry Cream Charlotte with same garish carved fruits and excessive garnish as the starter.

Clearly our best option is to save ourselves for Roger's excellent food.

And we were proved right; tonight was a wonderful starter of Mussels in water and oil (a la Elizabeth David) and then a (light?) main course of Duck Confit with cubes of Roast Potatoes (cooked in duck fat obviously) and accompanied by Haricots (which, for a change) are in Goose Fat. We then had a couple of tasty cheeses to savour with the very good bread and a sliver of Tarte Tatin and Raspberry Tart with a Creme Anglais to finish. All served with a complete absence of day-glo garnishes, amazing!

I may not need to eat again for some time!

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