Monday, October 30, 2006

An innocent knitter

It's not often that the random musings on this blog cross over with roo knits - which I enjoy reading despite my woeful inadequacy in the face of knitting needles. But today I read that Innocent, the smoothie making people, are doing a wonderful thing and looking for knitters for a very good cause - to make bobble hats for their bottles of smoothies (it's best not to ask why).
Each be-hatted smoothie purchased raises a shiny 50p for Age Concern and their progress so far can be viewed on the hatometer.

The best hats are submitted to the 'hats of the week'.

My only contribution to their cause will have to be buying a bobble-hatted smoothie from an EAT cafe or Sainsbury's but I wish I could rustle up a few little knitted knick-knacks for them. Knit one, purl one, drop one I'm afraid!


RooKnits said...

I made some of these last year, but they were just boring bobble hats. Maybe I'll have to get a little more adventurous this year. I'll have to teach you !

J said...

I never advanced beyond scarves unfortunately, I was never taught to turn corners - so scarves seemed safer!