Sunday, October 22, 2006

Grip of a gorilla

After my fabulous food photography trip in France I’d been planning on taking Roger’s advice and investigate using tripods more with my photography. He pointed me in the direction of the Manfrotto website which is a favourite of his. Very interesting, but admittedly my little baby Leica looks rather lost perched on top of such a splendid beast so I really only need a table top tripod. I was flicking through my first ever photography magazine and espied what I now know is a gorilla pod – a very curious mini tripod that has totally flexible legs so they can be attached to more or less anything to enable you take photographs in extreme and awkward places. On our trip to Bath I saw this in a camera shop and remembered it as a 'monkey grip' – which is close enough and duly added it to the collection. I even christened it on the Northern Belle by using it to capture my charming bracelet.

My gorilla pod should really help me with my close up food photography as you can get really low shots. Now of course the temptation is to see how mad a place I can attach it to. Hmmmm.

Have gorilla, will travel!

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