Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Drink, Diva?

Writing about Harvey Nix’s wonderful hampers encouraged me to have a little browse on their site and I thought this news item about their “limited edition vodka” was most amusing. I am not a massive vodka drinker, though with a shot of Chambord and some sugar-free Redbull makes a very exhilarating “Chambord Energiser”. Though I have to admit; I think many cocktails are made better with a good slug of Chambord. But back to the vodka. I love the fact that once you have drunk all the vodka you can have the Swarovski crystals turned into a magnificent bling ring!

And what a fabulous name! What do you think DD? Do you fancy a drink?


DD said...

Oh yes please!

Make mine a double diva!

This would have to be the most fabulous vodka, ever!


DD said...

Dearest J,

The Chambord website site is FAB! Oh, it takes me back to the USC!

Oh, those nuts!


Jessica said...

Cute item for those who are Diva wannabes.