Monday, October 02, 2006

My camera is bigger than yours...

Lunch today was in a transport cafe full of French lorry drivers. I had wanted the duck in a peppercorn sauce and Roger had wanted one of the local specialities - eels in a parsley sauce but being Monday they couldn't oblige. Instead we both went for Steak Frites followed by a selection of really good French Cheeses and washed down with a small carafe of light red wine. The steak had a great flavour, the chips were fine and the cheese was just at peak perfection. Really not bad for a transport caff!

Tonight Roger swapped his lens for a chef's hat spoonfuls of a very ripe and gooey Vacherin and the most stunning locally picked grapes. And finally, a sliver of seriously good and terribly photogenic Raspberry Tart.

The best thing about being the first to arrive is that I was able to peruse the week’s menu and request a few tweaks – i.e. the removal of the Thai Red Curry and some Egg Mayonnaise thing. Very cunning indeed! Everything else on the planned menu looks exceedingly good.
The other course attendee, K - a lovely woman who runs her own catering company in Winchester, had joined us. We have Roger to ourse and produced a rather wonderful salad of Mozzerella, Crispy Bacon with Pine Nuts and my favourite Mâche. The main course was a really delicious Roast Chicken with Tarragon Sauce and a stupendous Mash. We then had a couple oflves this week, which is rather good for us as someone else would mean less of his undivided attention!
K’s camera is a much more impressive professional looking Canon eos with a dazzling array of dials and settings and more familiar territory for Roger. It makes my little Leica look indeed very small but size isn’t everything and I am convinced my tiny little Leica can show the big boys a thing or too!

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