Friday, October 20, 2006

Manchester united

Today a shopping excursion into Manchester is planned. I love shopping in Manchester, there are so many great shops now (the bits of the Arndale centre that were lost in the bombing are seriously not missed) there's Selfridges, Harvey Nix and so much more. A huge improvement! And clearly the influence of the infamous WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends of highly paid footballers, for those not Heat aficionados) have helped to encourage lots of designer names here. There were a couple of restaurants that I'd toyed with - 'Urbis', 'Simply Heathcote's' or an unnamed French restaurant M remembers fondly - but what with 'the main event' tomorrow it seemed somewhat excessive. Brunch was supposed to be soda farls from M&S but in lieu of these we had Paul Rankin's Irish Potato Farls with fried eggs. This sustained us through a busy shopping day (another good reason for the train, I can't be stung for exceeding my luggage allowance!) we eventually find the favourite French bistro but it is now an Indian!
For dinner we have a little miscellany from M&S, Coquilles St. Jacques - the one without the mash potato for M, followed by two small dressed brown crabs with bread and finally, the christening of the new cheese board. And an early night for tomorrow.

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