Monday, June 04, 2007

A classic egg and bacon salad plus...

It was going to a classic salad Lyonnaise - egg and bacon lardons with leaves. Strictly I should be using endive but I had a big bunch of mâche as usual. And then I thought I should really use up the four or five little Charlotte potatoes that I had left over from my 'kitchen sink tart' and maybe some of the gorgeously gooey Taleggio could be ripped and strewn over the top. So the potatoes are boiled with the fat golden yolked eggs before being mixed with the pert leaves speckled with balsamic vinegar dressing , smoky bacon bits and the pale, torn Taleggio pieces.
It may not be a classic Lyonnaise salad but it was delicious so I can veer off the path of simplicity this time. Perhaps Escoffier would be unhappy with my wandering but the call of a full fridge is leading me astray.

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