Wednesday, June 13, 2007

All bar gammon

And we’re back at Butler’s Wharf again, this time it’s at All Bar One for drinks. And not really surprisingly the balmy evening has been replaced by one a little greyer and cooler, it really isn’t necessary to break out the sunglasses. The out-of-towners have booked a table at Pont de la Tour and a few others enquire about decent local restaurants and I point them in the other direction towards Blueprint Café, though I am jealous and hungry so I need to leave and find my own delicious dinner. However as often happens with the best laid plans of mice and hungry men, they cut off at the pass by in this case flame-haired H and encouraged to linger longer. The fabulous smells wafting around us from either side convinces me that action needs to be taken and I order an old All Bar One favourite – gammon, egg & chips. Of course being in such a little gastronomic haven it does seem a little of a poor substitute but actually gammon and eggs is a marriage made in heaven so it’s not too much of a sacrifice. And it filled the gap nicely!

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