Sunday, July 01, 2007

Never mind the strawberries

This time of year it's all about strawberries. Everywhere I look I see either ten thing to do with a strawberry or statistics about strawberry consumption at Wimbledon (for the record - 28,000 kilos of the red English berries are snaffled by tennis fans over the fortnight), but as much as I like strawberries occasionally macerated in a tiny sprinkle of sugar and water for a few hours or with balsamic I think the dark exotica of a cherry is more compelling. I like the tangle of the stems you get though admittedly the stones can be a little trying. It seems that some of Waitrose's customers like to sample the cherries as they shop and just spit the stones out onto the floor or as I found out on Friday onto the last remaining Evening Standard - nice! But you can't blame cherries for that, just inconsiderate cherry consumers!
I also like it when the cherry blossom is out and a light breeze causes petals to flutter confetti like on you as you walk underneath. Apparently cherries are good for treating gout which I thought was a very Dickensian ailment until Giles Coren admitted such an afflication. Mayeb more cherries for you Giles.
Strawberries are so last year, let's hear it for the cherries.

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