Saturday, July 14, 2007

Holy cow!

When M and I went searching for sustenance and a good sit down in Manchester after a day of thrashing the credit cards in the shops it seemed appropriate to try out the meaty delights of apparently the only Gaucho outside of London (according to their website). Though I have been to one in Barcelona, does that count? And Barcelona is quite out of London if I recall!
M had already set her heart on the salmon but when our waitress swung by with the customary platter of carnivorous cuts, she totally got won over by the hunky fine looking (Churrasco Lomo) and all fishy aspirations were abandoned. I ordered the same both fabulous looking spiral cut fillet steak to be served with a foie gras sauce, which seemed most intriguing and I ordered fat chips and M deigned to have a baked potato near her meat. But this was swiftly liberated by me so I got to have meat and two potatoes for a change! I could say so much about being related to someone who loves tomatoes, goats' cheese and coffee but doesn't like potatoes and rarely dabbles with vegetables, but I'll get into trouble so I won't. And why should I, I get more potatoes and other sundry green things. Though in this case I only had half a of the baked potato and half of the fat chips.
We immediately hoovered up the basket of cheese bread and marvelled at the fact we seemed to sat in a large hall with stain glassed ceiling and a large organ just next to us. Fortunately no one was playing it as we would have been truly deafened. It transpired that this particular Gaucho used to be a Methodist church and hence the cavernous appearance, the unusual restaurant accoutrements and only a smattering of their trademark cowhide decorations.
And after all that delicious meat a slice of something sweet to round off the meal. A rich chocolatey soft chocolate truffle cake for me and a dulce de leche cheesecake for M, it's the caramel sauce that does it for her.
We had a very good meal, a fruity full bodies glass of Syrrah and an exceptional piece of meat for a church! Holy cow indeed!

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