Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A sausage fit for a train driver

I must have walked past the Lord Aberconway pub so many times without seeing the 'world famous sausages' sign. But once I spotted it, it would have been extremely difficult to just carry on walking, I mean it was lunchtime and I needed to hang around here, due to an annoying best unmentioned proclivity of a client. So I ventured forth in search of a world famous sausage and from the sausage menu I settled on the good old Cumberland ring, which came perched on a mound of quite dense mash. I could find no mention of whether the mash shared a similar global reputation but it wasn't bad and complemented the sausage perfectly.
The menu as well as having an an extensive selection of sausages and other less sausage-shaped food also explained that Lord Aberconway had something to do with the railways, though I can't remember exactly what he had to do with them. Sausages can do that to me! Though the proximity to Liverpool Street station may be a clue, but apparently not enough of one.
They weren't the best sausages in the world but not a bad effort at all and it's nice to know there's a handy sausage emporium should the need ever arise.


breadchick said...

Oh I'm so big on the accidental sausage encounter, especially when perched on a big pile of mash.

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