Saturday, July 07, 2007

Picnic bread

D had been in charge of preparing some picnic food for an event last night. I hadn't been able to get here in time to sample it unfortunately but luckily there was some of Jamie Oliver's picnic bread left which MC and I discovered worked rather well toasted with a smidge of butter the next day. When D and I had made this recipe before, in deference to my tomato and olive avoiding tendencies, we left those out. As this was not intended for my consumption there were some dreaded chopped up sun dried tomatoes (though in my mind these are the least of all the tomato evils) and a handful of black olives layered with the Parma ham, torn mozzarella and whole hard boiled eggs wrapped in the bread dough. The dough hadn't been as soft and risen as when we had made it last year and the resultant loaf was rather dense in the centre, however toasting the slices livened it up a bit, it also made the mozzarella melt and deliciously stringy again. The melted cheese mingled with the stripes of Parma ham and hard boiled egg slices and I managed to eat the olives and sun dried tomatoes also. So very brave! It didn't have the appearance of a snake that had swallowed a nest of eggs as our first effort had done but made a very fine brunch indeed.

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