Monday, July 16, 2007

Fast final fish feast

I had promised to whip up a tasty little treat for M and myself with the pot of white crabmeat Ocado had dropped off. I had intended to revitalise my interpretation of M's favourite M&S's crab gratin but instead I thought I might try a crab version of Clotilde's oeuf cocotte. I poured a little double cream into the bottom of a couple of buttered ramekins (not the M&S ones ironically enough because I thought they were a little shallow) and topped this with well seasoned crab meat, a little grated Cheddar cheese and then a sunshine yolked egg. I remembered the oven temperature and timing but I utterly forgot to dunk the ramekins in a bain marie before placing them in the oven. The cocotte was very tasty but the slip up with missing water bath meant the eggs weren't cooked as delicately as they should have and subsequently the yolks were not as runny as I would have liked. They were rather scrummy though, the crab meat stood its ground more than you'd expect white meat to do so.

After our crab starter we had one of the delicious H. Forman salmon and lobster fishcakes with a light creamy horseradish and finely chopped chive sauce (the influence of Jeremy Lee is still guiding me) and a mâche salad. And we very crucially got to christen the new black damask crockery. New House of Fraser black damask crockery that M kindly agreed to split with me so we could both enjoy their lacy loveliness. If of course I can carry mine back home in one piece, but I'll happily try when it comes to supplementing my crockery further. Though frankly there's no room at the inn really!

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