Saturday, July 21, 2007

A little nibble at Claridge's

T had promised a visit to a funky Gaucho's for tonight. We'd had 'endured' correction 'thoroughly enjoyed' a days shopping at Selfridge's and beyond and were both clutching intriguing bags containing exciting shiny things. At T's suggestion we headed to Claridge's to freshen up in their fine marble facilities before going on for our meal and then avail ourselves of the first Kir Royale of the evening. And what a fabulous place it is to freshen up!
Our drinks were delivered with some very tasty nibbles, some bar nuts and fabulous Parmesan cheese wafers. Our Kir was finished off with fresh raspberries also which makes it extra special. We sat and sparkled in the main foyer listening to the pianist and smelling the gorgeous lilies everywhere.
I have enjoyed some sumptuous meals at Gordon Ramsay at Claridge's courtesy of his rather tasty protégée Mark Sargeant and wished we could linger longer but I had an Argentinian steak with my name on it so we had the doorman grab us a taxi and headed off in the direction of my third London Gaucho's.
Though I'd forgotten how lovely it is at Claridge's; I really must return and eat very soon.

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Drum Poker said...

Looks like great food. I know another place you might like to try. I own a company that does Airport Executive Cars and together with The Hunters Meet we offer a 'Dinning Night Out' special.

So if you are ever in the Stansted Airport area look us up.

Airport Cabby