Friday, July 20, 2007

A child friendly Café Rouge

The child friendliness of a restaurant isn't normally my first consideration but today is a special occasion. Today is my first meal out with KK and of course H, as at only 10 months KK is not dining out by herself yet! We had a choice of Café Rouge or Carluccio's as both had proved to welcome diners of all ages. And as we hit Café Rouge first on the high street the decision was made.
And they were ready for us. KK was swiftly transferred from her Bugaboo to one of the large stack of wooden high chairs where she could proceed her systematic removal of all the various cards, wine promotion leaflets and menus from the table onto the floor. Fortunately the waitresses seem to find this rather endearing; I guess it helps that KK is such a little stunner!
I choose the Paupiette de Poulet - Chicken breast stuffed with Brie, wrapped in jambon cru served with risolée potatoes, French beans and an oregano & mustard sauce And it was rather tasty indeed! The chicken was moist and the Brie oozed magnificently over the vegetables.
KK watched with deep interest and wondered what she could fling next onto the floor. Though it seems she is more fascinated in drinking than eating, drinking from a glass rather than a sippy cup seems particularly alluring to her and she demonstrated she is already able to do so. Eventually H decided that to protect fellow diners from various missiles the only solution was to release KK from the constraints of her highchair and allow her to crawl freely and I hasten to add speedily around the floor.
Though much to her disgust she had to curtail her foraging and be shackled again after a short while so that H and I could enjoy going halves on a smidge of Fondant au chocolat. And very chocolaty and unctuous it was too. But half seemed just about right!
Maybe this particular visit to Café Rouge hasn't been the most relaxing I've ever had but we've had fun, enjoyed some good food, caught up on some much needed gossip and given the staff some entertainment with KK's antics. What more could we ask for?

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