Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Well if I must...

Clotilde urges us all to stretch our creative culinary muscles by challenging ourselves to conjure up a feast from the random scraps remaining in our fridge and/or cupboard. And not that I was intending to test myself i nany way, it was more 'needs must' as I'm going away at the end of the week and want to use up any goodies lurking in the fridge before I go. Though frankly this situation could describe my fridge on most days that Ocado haven't just unloaded a little mango decorated van (and then I am guaranteed abundance). I don't generally do a big weekly shop, it's more a random gathering of food on my travels.
But without hitting the shops, what do I have to contend with for this meal? I could have just stuck with a gratin Daupinoise as they are always fabulous when faced with a small potato and cream glut but I decided to add a couple of twists. Hiding under all the potato and creamy fabulousness is a layer of pesto, well it's such a shame to waste a good pesto! And they're also little crispy smoky hits of bacon dotted throughout the concoction and also the dregs of some garlic and chives soft cheese.
So not really a gratin Daupinoise but a small dish of delectable potato-y creamy unctuousness! I'm not sure this was what Clotilde had in mind but it was good, very good!

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