Sunday, July 01, 2007

Pasta - as good as going out?

I adore making pasta and I probably just don't do it as much as I should due to a lack of a regular willing and hungry audience. It barely seems worth the event for a solo meal. The last few times I've cooked for D and MC I've toyed with making pasta but MC is really not keen and any chance I have to bring him round to the idea was quite possibly ruined by that shocking so called fine fresh pasta we had on New Year's Day. It was truly abominable and now I can't convince him to let me try to convert him. I mean how could ribbons of beautiful silky freshly made pasta with some crab or lobster be a bad thing? I would be a million miles away from that last misjudged foray into fresh pasta, honest!
When I saw this Creamy Horseradish & Salmon Open Ravioli in the Waitrose as Good as Going Out range, my interest was definitely piqued. Hmmm, horseradish has been a fairly recent passion, I blame Jeremy Lee. He's increased the dosage in my meals over the last couple of years until the pinnacle of horseradish-ness also known as his peppered steak last week had my eyes streaming and lips tingling. And whilst on the subject, I have to mention the finger licking good and utterly sublime and considerably more subtle horseradish sauce Gary Rhodes W1 served up with the smoked eel beignets. Gorgeous!
As it turns out the pasta was very nice but the horseradish perhaps a little too laid back for my new cravings, salmon has pleasing flavoursome chunks. The spinach was a little sombre and sludgy in appearance but tasted delicious stirred into the sauce. It wasn't the most attractive of dishes as it just kind of lays there, but then open ravioli does tend to be rather deconstructed. Was it as good as going out? I guess it depends where you go out to eat your pasta, I am sure Gennaro Contaldo would conjure up something infinitely superior and I also think I could if I was allowed. Luckily M is always a willing recipient and consumer of my pasta making hankerings so as a trip 'up North' beckons maybe it's time to dust off the Imperia again and whip up some new pasta-y treats. I know M that you've got some fabulous Black damask Manhattan plates we could eat it off?

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