Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ring-fenced fish pie

Clearly anticipating some sort of bizarre delay en route D had prepared a fabulous fish pie for us to consume before (belated) Christmas present opening. The journey was surprisingly easy but I love fish pie so was very happy. And D being ever so aware of my ambivalence to the prawns that everyone else loves so much, have kindly ring fenced part of the pie to be prawn free and marked it with a parsley stalk 'J'.
I am a huge fan of fish pies, it is definitely a favourite from my childhood and M used to make a thick layer of the yummiest cheesy mash. I didn’t even realise then that she doesn’t really like potato. Perhaps I just thought that she was holding back and that it meant more for us potato lovers!
D’s fish pie was very tasty indeed and not a prawn turned up on my plate so it was even nicer!
And then we got to open our presents…

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