Friday, December 15, 2006

And the winner is?

The Great British Christmas Menu winner is my favourite Richard Corrigan - yeah!

And his complete menu is:


Roast wild duck with beetroot purée

Tartare of Irish beef with bone marrow and soft-boiled quails' eggs

Oysters with spinach and tarragon butter

Roast pumpkin soup with walnut relish and game livers on toast

Butter-poached Bronze turkey with Irish spiced gammon and suckling pig stuffing rolls

Christmas pudding soufflé with Irish whiskey ice cream

It was touch a go with the judges. Oliver Peyton and Matthew Fort both gave Richard’s meal 9 out of 10. Bizarrely Pru went a little odd, and suddenly ‘changed her mind’ about Richard’s fine fare and gave it 6 out 10. Scandalous! So before the Great British public votes had been added Richard and Marcus were tying for first place. Which was fine as they were my two favourites. Though Marcus’ menu looked more complicated to reproduce. Nick Nairn was last as he'd had a real shocker with his re-creation of his full menu. He ruined the first batch of lobsters, he overcooked his beef and then he undercooked the marmalade pudding. Shocking! And in fact his second batch of lobsters were considered to not taste of lobster and have too much breadcrumb topping.

But after all that the public voted Richard as the winner, Marcus and Nick were joint second and Bryn unfortunately last (I guess he’s the least known of all the chefs so the he’s never going to get the votes for just being him).

So I’m so pleased for Richard, I think he deserves it and I look forward to D and I tackling some (or all!) of his menu.

And the Great British Menu programme is going to return in the spring, so they’ll be yet more regional gastronomic delights to consider.

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