Tuesday, December 26, 2006

All I want for Christmas is Gü

...or even Frü.
M thought that we’d better ensure we have a couple of desserts to tide us over the festive season… and clearly beyond! As well as our beloved favourite little pots of chocolate, we also have the hot lava tarts to try, Frü lemon soufflés and even another new experience - Frü lemon shots. We are positively awash with yummy Gü and Frü goodies.
The hot lava tarts turned out to be okay but a little more cakey than I would have thought. I’d rather have something more gooey or Gü-ey as they call it! I’ve had Gü chocolate soufflés before and the hot chocolate pudding and they were considerably more unctuous. So personally, I don’t think I’d bother with the lava tarts again.
The Frü lemon shots and soufflés had a nice little zesty zing if you’re not feeling in a chocolatey mood - and why wouldn’t you?
And yes just to be really corny, I'll reiterate - all I want for Christmas is !

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