Saturday, December 02, 2006

Exceedingly Güd

Gü mini puds (cheeky + saucy little pots au chocolat) are just so fabulously chocolaty and just generally Gü-licious. On the box they suggest you pop them in the microwave for a yummy chocolate sauce, add the sauce to some hot fluffy milk to make a REAL hot chocolate or just remove the cap and Gü-zzle!
I treat mine with reverence they deserve and
Gü-zzle them with a tiny Alessi heart-shaped spoon to make pleasing heart shapes as I take each mouthful. I think it just demonstrates how much I love them!
I am sure Gü would taste just as wonderful with a spoon that wasn't heart-shaped but it should really be a coffee spoon as even tea spoons are just too brutish for such a little pot of loveliness!
Exceedingly Güd - enjoy!

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