Thursday, December 21, 2006

Apron fit for a queen... or a foodie diva!

B has very kindly made me a customised b-eautiful apron as a thank you for making her eat all that food at the black-tie and diamond Queen's 80th birthday meal. It has both the obligatory J and the fork and very importantly, is trimmed with black marabou! There is also a fabulous touch of bling!
And very tasty this is too! This will be most useful over the festive food production season and is definitely a foodie diva pre-requisite.
Thank you B!

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Anonymous said...

So glad you like your kitchen Diva apron. I made myself one at the same time as I realised I don't have one; I missed myself out! I do enjoy creating the aprons; searching for bits of bling to personalise them. It's very satisfying and I think about the receiver as I'm sewing it. People say I should market them but that would never do. It's my hobby and nothing more. I hope you noticed my 'label' hidden discreetly inside. See you on New Year's Eve!
love Bee