Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ruby Tuesday

Tonight was the much-anticipated (well by me at least) client Christmas party for which the rather bizarrely named Sequoia @ Ruby Lo had been selected for the occasion.
This was the perfect venue as it is central, has one big room on one level with lots of comfy seating, wonderful cocktails, yummy canapés, a real fireplace and a great ambience.

All I needed was to make nearly 300 badges appear out of thin air (probably best not to get me started on that subject), slip on a ruby coloured dress and ensure the fabulous raspberry ruby coloured cocktails flowed and everyone had a exceedingly good time. Hmmm, not too much of a tall order! Thanks to both my glamorous assistant and the extraordinary fine non-alcoholic raspberry, ginger beer and apple juice cocktails that Rupert the bar manager kept winging my way, the night went with a swing. I wasn’t sure I could handle any fabulous little Chambord numbers tonight, as I was a little taut! I didn’t try much of the food myself as I was exercising the fhb policy (‘family’ hold back!) but it looked good. I saw mini little hamburgers fly past (unfortunately with tomato) and prawny bits, chicken nibbles, pizza bruschetta and the infamous extremely fine Merguez sausages did the rounds also. There was an awkward moment when the cloakroom had shrunk to an unfeasibly small space but this was swiftly rectified and all was well. H looking every inch the yummy mummy she is, made a guest appearance to everyone's delight!

We all had a great time and thanks should go especially to the tolerant bar staff that ensured the cocktails wove their special magic and started the festive season with a swing and all our guests who popped by to help us celebrate. Also thank you to the staff at the door that had more of a challenge than they should have had due to some sort of Excel spreadsheet malfunction! And after all that, we had enough badges, what was I worried about?

Same time, next year?

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