Friday, August 17, 2007

Culinary twins separated at birth

Blogging by mail - This week I have been eagerly awaiting my parcel from the latest edition of this event. An event organised by the wonderful Stephanie of Dispensing Happiness as she pairs food bloggers from around the world and you have to send a mystery parcel to your hand-picked fellow food blogger according to a chosen theme. And this time the theme was "some of my favourite things". I was matched with the fabulous Breadchick of Sour Dough as my receiver and as yet I don't know who my sender is. It is ever so exciting!
I really enjoyed reading Breadchick's blog, learning about her, her life, her tastes and her cat and deciding what would be appropriate. And it seems that after braving the post office (known as not being one of my favourite places!) my parcel flew over the pond to turn up at Breadchick's office whilst I was on holiday. And it seems she really likes the gifts I'd chosen, and I may have found my culinary twin. And I am so very pleased as they are some of my favourite things so I wanted her to be as happy with them as I was. And I am also delighted that she took photos as I didn't have time amongst all that packing and wrapping extensively with lashings of brown tape to take any photographs myself. And I am extra pleased as the last two times I've sent my blogging by mail parcels the last recipients haven't been so enthusiastic. Though fair play, Kate of Veggie Friendly fame had massive computer issues around the time my parcel arrived so that had to be sorted out first, but at least she expressed her delight about it later when the annoying laptop issues were resolved. Flavor Junkie never posted anything about my surprise parcel which was a shame as I was pleased with my choices and I'd sneakily taken these treats over to the US when I was last there on business (and of course a quick pop to Gordon Ramsay at London) and N's lovely husband A kindly braved a US post office on my behalf to ensure it got to her without unnecessary custom's intervention. And no, there were no banned substances in there, it was just much easier to do it that way!
However my parcel to Breadchick was substantially larger that Flavor Junkie's so carrying it on a hand luggage wouldn't have worked this time! And who knows the cheese knife may have been considered an offensive weapon, though what injury one could inflict with a Stilton scoop is anyone's guess! Hmmm, I think that sounds like an old Monty Python routine!

So I have a new culinary twin and a fabulous new blog to peruse. And I guess that's what the entire event is about. Now come on postman, I am waiting!

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breadchick said...

I'm not sure how in the world I missed this post Sis! But I did and now that I've somehow found it, I can say again how absolutely WONDERFUL my package was!!

I am so excited too! Because this weekend I'm using the cheese knife set for a little get together out on the back deck of the new home.

Again, thanks so much for the absolutely lovely package.


Your "twin" from the other side of the pond.