Saturday, September 15, 2007

The smallest birthday cake in the world

When I was on my way home on Monday I popped into Harvey Nichols to purchase the makings of a special birthday meal and in the fabulous Vth floor foodmarket I spotted these two new cakes.
The black and white cake is a small individual fruit cake intricately decorated with the finest black icing and seemed extremely fitting for me. There were also some rather large cakes fashioned to look like the foodmarket carrier bag. I thought a solo birthday cake would be rather nice and added one to my basket. As it turned out when I got home I wasn't really hungry so I thought I's save the food I'd purchased and the cake for another day.

And today I remembered my uneaten cake and dug out a rather overwhelming candle to impale my cake with and round off my birthday week celebrations. I then attempted to share it between the five of us, luckily it is marked coincidentally in five portions but they are mouse-like portions really. It was just a token gesture. Nice rich fruit cake though. A final happy birthday to me!

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