Wednesday, September 12, 2007


When I booked a table at the Berkeley’s for their Prêt-à-portea to celebrate H’s birthday I do recall them asking if we were celebrating anything in particular and I must have said a ‘birthday or two’. As it turned out with our usual way when attempting to schedule anything together we had to move onto plan B or was it C? So actually the little get together of the girls to celebrate H’s birthday ended up being much closer to mine so we called it a joint celebration. That meant K bought us both fabulous presents, a chocolate recipe book for me – how did she possibly guess? And the eggs I’d brought from Russia for H and KK were exchanged for a stunning Lola Rose ring.

It was the first time ever that another J, K, H and I had been together. Clearly H has been rather busy the last year with KK so we had plenty to catch up on. And because of the excessive chit-chatting, some say gossiping, the fabulous canapés and sandwiches didn't get as much look in as last time. When we moved onto the little cakes our waitress presented the details of each one and the general consensus was that the red velvet hat was the most delectable and the winner. So when they surprised H and I with a decorated birthday plate they used another red velvet hat-shaped cake to hold our birthday candle. It was a lovely way to celebrate our collective birthdays and just so wonderful to finally get us all together. And K's Z rather enjoyed mushing the take-out cakes into his face later when we carried them home in the little pistachio coloured cardboard handbags.

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