Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I haven’t been to the Yacht Club for such a long time. It’s pretty handy for work but they can be a little unwelcoming. I was grabbing a lunch with G who was over form the US and we headed for the Lightship (I’d checked that G didn’t have H’s belief that the Lightship moved too much and thus made her seasick) but it seems to be shut so over to the Yacht Club it is then. Let’s hope there’s no awkwardness about us getting in with us not being sailors or whatever the mysterious criteria is.

I’d always thought the Yacht Club was a civilised place for a cheeky glass of wine after work (assuming we'd managed to get in of course). The Syrrah would be served in a heavy lead crystal cut glass, which always improves the taste. There’s no banging loud music and it’s just a cosy place to sit and out the world to right. And there’s also the good food and the rather tasty Spanish J behind the bar!

It seems that all has changed, you don't have to be buzzed in with a secret password but can just stroll like other eateries. Unfortunately I am too early today for the lovely J so I’ll have to amuse myself with some yummy food instead. I go for two starters which are smoked salmon with brown bread and pâté and toast.
We get to sit outside in the September sunshine, I’m not sure if they still serve the wine in crystal glasses as we have to forgo the such a delight with an afternoon full of appointments. But we don’t abstain from the dessert and tuck into the rather rich and chocolaty hot chocolate fondant topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Not bad at all, a finest fork for the Yacht Club.

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