Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy birthday to me!

... and also the fabulous KK, I wish you a very pink 1st birthday.

M sent me this fantastic birthday cake, it's not very edible unless you have a penchant for florist oasis but it smells lovely! Though I have to admit, I am having lustful thoughts about chocolate cake or perhaps a little Gü delight of some sort. I may just have to procure something intensely chocolaty before the day is out! Well, if you can't indulge in chocolate on your birthday, when can you?


DD said...

Happy B'day virgo DIVA!


J said...

And a happy birthday to you too dearest DD, not long to the second bite of the big apple"

breadchick said...

Happy Belated Birthday J!!! May this year bring you great joy and happiness! (and lots of good meals)