Monday, September 11, 2006

BBQ at B's

The annual B BBQ is a much anticipated event, the steaks are always extremely wonderful and the corn in these parts is legendary and is served to perfection in the B house. DD hadn’t been to the B residence before and felt that some Australian wine should be bought as a gift for L and not to be outdone, I bought a bottle of Pimm’s – how patriotic are we?

We started with tasty sausages and a really good artichoke dip which is definitely something I shall try and recreate. The corn was as fabulous as previous years (though L was mortified that a little accident with a blue gel ice pack wasted some of the lovely cobs) but there was still plenty to go around. The corn is much paler here than I normally see but oh so much sweeter! L had also put together a very attractive dish with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, which I admired from a very safe distance. E toiled over a hot BBQ and produced a veritable mountain of yummy steaks. There was pltes of marlin, bowls of fruit and green salads, piles of french bread and some fabulous pies – apple, peach and apple and blackberry (I hope I got that right?) whatever the flavours, they were really good. We all had a fantastic evening and it was just left to our designated driver - P to get us completely lost in the dark streets of New Jersey.

Thank you so much E and L – I’m already looking forward to next year?

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DD said...

J, another great post. It was truely a great evening, and I know that E&L loved the OZ and UK liquids...

Cheers to the B! DDx