Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fork it!

Now that I've launched my fork rating system I need to consider the restaurants I've dined at this year and award no forks, one fork, two forks or the highest accolade three forks. Three forks for the much acclaimed Petrus and Rhodes24. I've had some fantastic food at the cook book events at Blueprint Café and tried many things that I would have never ordered off a menu and really enjoy most them! It seems I still don't like red pepper! So two forks for the unstarred Jeremy Lee and team at Blueprint. I’m awarding two forks for the meal we had at Plateau the other day as well. Café du Marche, Chez Gerard and Café Rouge all serve really tasty French bistro food so a fork for each of them. And for now, I’ll have no fork-less restaurants.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could award a tomato to those restaurants that don't meet your standards! LW Sydney

J said...

Fabulous idea! Hopefully restaurants all around the world will be quaking in their boots!