Saturday, August 19, 2006

Flaming tart!

I thought I’d try the interesting looking Tarte flambée d’Alsace that I spotted in my local Waitrose. And being a tomato hater, this is a very fine choice! A Tarte flambée d’Alsace is like a pizza as it has a base of bread dough rolled very thinly. And this is where it gets interesting; instead of the dreaded tomato sauce it has a layer of crème fraîche which is then topped with very finely chopped onions and matchsticks of smoked bacon lardons. The version I has had slightly crispier edges than I would have liked, I am sure it would have benefited from being cooked in the traditional wood burning oven as flambée does mean ‘cooked in the flames’. But is was still a very tasty treat with particularly good bacon and if I haven’t got time to make my own, I’d be happy to avail myself of the Waitrose version again.

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