Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mmmm chips!

I had hoped that as the fabulous K is going back to sunny Dubai tomorrow we could organise a little farewell lunch. As we probably won't all be together again for a long time. I'll get to see K in NY in September but H and bump are commencing their year of putting their feet up and luxuriating at home about then! So a nice little client free, bump tolerant lunch seemed a lovely idea. In reality conference calls and meetings got in the way so we opted for a slap up takeaway of toasted ham and cheese sandwiches and chips (or fries as K would say). Never underestimate the power of a portion of salted and vinegared chips wrapped in paper in a confined space. We were followed by a small pack of hungry co-workers as we wafted through the office with our fragrant parcels. So it wasn't exactly haute cuisine but I got to make a chip (and ham and cheese) buttie so that's no bad thing!


DD said...

So, not exactly haute cuisine - but it still sounds yummy with the fab H&K! K will be in my divine city soon! We may just inhale some ham, cheese, fries and/or chips just for you J! Bless this Blog! DDx

Anonymous said...

Jo - I do so love your blog, but it makes me INCREDIBLY jealous. Not just for the food, but the company as well especially in the case of H, bump, & K ;) I miss all of you and can't wait for our meal in September - ready for absolute decadence and only THEN will I start my diet to lose the lay about pounds (urrr...stones) :)

J said...

Dear Nancy,
I'm so pleased that you like my tasty indulgence! I can't wait to catch up with you, K and DD in NY. We're going to have a fabulous time (in between all that work!)
Take care of yourself