Saturday, August 12, 2006

In a cavern in a Canyon...

… not excavating for a mine but tucking into a fine Eggs Benedict. I had a distinct craving for Eggs Benedict this morning so was able to secure a table for brunch at Canyon for D, MC & me. Canyon do a fabulous breakfast and brunch but they get a little lack lustre for other meals. But that’s fine as there’s plenty of other option for lunch and dinner. MC had the full English and seemed suitably sated, D joined me in the excellent Benedict and then we split a chocolate pot between three. The chocolate pot came with juicy macerated cherries but had a totally unnecessary layer of yoghurt on top.
I love the décor in Canyon, it’s all dark wood and crisp white linen and they have these quirky metal handles around the place clutching random bits of fruit. It’s all very stylish! Definitely a high one fork experience!
Now all we have to do is get the picnic food for tonight.

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