Wednesday, August 02, 2006

There be dragons!

Still feeling rather drained after mostly fighting off throat infection I was very I intrigued by a promotion in one of my client's foyers yesterday for V Water which is water enriched with vitamins (hence the V) and herbs. They have three varieties: - 'de stress' with green tea, 'kick' with ginger and mango and 'shield' with spicy citrus. They were all tasty and not fizzy which I was pleased about. I plumped for the V Water Shield and was especially delighted to read in the small print that it apparently shoos away both flu attacks and dragons! I don't think I've ever heard Evian make such a claim - what have I been missing? Now a water that keeps dragons away could actually be useful. Transport for London are advising their passengers to always carry bottles of water during the unaccustomed heat. Clearly if your tube unfortunately melts onto the track you need to be able to hydrate yourself until you get prised from your seat. Now they haven't warned us about dragon problems (but maybe that's the reason for so many trains and tubes overheating).
If you want to check them out, visit - they are quite mad!

So I don't know about you but I'm armed. I have my dragon deterrent water and I'm feeling better already!

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