Thursday, August 17, 2006

Oh Ocado!

I had an Ocado delivery tonight which meant that a green suited man in a van fashioned out of a giant strawberry replenished my fridge, cupboards and the Evian mountain. I am very happy to meander through the aisles of my local Waitrose for a few choice bits but I draw the line at lugging multiple bottles of water, heavy detergents and toilet rolls home.
That why God created Ocado! And what an excellent job they do! I love the fact that they cater for night owls and early birds and have hourly slots so you're never left hanging around wondering when they're planning to turn up. I've also been extremely lucky; they’ve never turned up on my doorstep and said that something is not available or that they’ve made a substitution. Unlike one of M’s experiences from another grocery delivery service who substituted screw fitting light bulbs when they’d run out of bayonet fitting bulbs!

And the best bit of having an Ocado man drop by? I can open my fridge and gaze in wonder at all that choice. So what shall I eat next?

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