Friday, August 11, 2006

Ladies who lunch

We opted for a potluck lunch for our girl’s little get together with everyone bringing a course. I was aiming to supply the main course but hadn't left enough time to whip up something fabulous so instead I made do with some fabulous shopping at the fine food emporium of Mr. Marks & Mr. Spencer. I stocked up on quiches (sorry D, tarts!) – my favourite ham and asparagus, a cheese and onion and of course a quiche Lorraine. I also get some new potatoes, Parma ham, mozzarella, a mango, Parmesan and some leaves (shock horror, they’d run out of mâche!).
We started with some lovely Irish brown bread and salmon that the Irish (soon to be Belgium!) M had brought. I was especially pleased as I have been craving smoked salmon this summer. On arriving I made a mayonnaise-less potato salad and a tasty salad with the Parma ham, ripped mozzarella, cubed mango covered with peelings of Parmesan and drizzled with my favourite Extrapesto basil oil. The salad was only slightly spoilt by the fact that my ‘ready to eat’ mango was clearly nowhere near ready to eat; it was like eating mango bullets – I was not impressed!
H and bump has bought a fabulous raspberry tart and S had made her delicious carrot cake.We ate really well and put the world to rights whilst we at it! Next time, Brussels maybe?

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