Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Iced delight?

Clearly someone from Starbucks has been reading my little blog and didn't like the fact that I dissed their attempts at icy fruity drinks. Those strange lumps in the strawberry cream thing will haunt me for a long time! And their reaction to my criticism is to produce a Blackcurrant and Raspberry icy concoction. I've been aware of the latest addition to their Frappuchino range for a little while as I have to keep sidestepping their sandwich boards advertising it on the pavements of the city. Aren't there a lot of Starbucks? But I didn't really need such an item whilst the skies were gloomy and we were enjoying the august rain. I only demand one of those posh Slush Puppies when I require thirst quenching and something to cool my inner core on those hot and sultry days we've been sweltering through.
I had feared that the summer had dwindled into autumn way before schedule and that I wouldn't need to try the Starbuck's Frescato beater until next year. However, there was a glimmer of hope today and I had to put on my sunglasses and try a Starbuck's again! The Blackcurrant and Raspberry Frapuchino is definitely a huge improvement on the lumpy strawberry thing but was a little watery. Seemingly moments of furious straw action left me clutching a cup of clear ice. So in my mind tasty Frescatos will still reign number one in the fruity popsicle market. And now, where’s that sun gone again?

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